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I forgot my password | The 8 most frequently asked questions of the NICSA staff

July 12, 2011

“I forgot my password”. It tops the list of reasons you call the NICSA office. Don’t get me wrong. We love to hear from our members! …but, since so many of you are in the business of customer service, too, we thought you might be interested in reading our list of the top 8 NICSA FAQs.

Have a question?Q1: I forgot my user name and password, can you provide?

A1: Your user name is your company e-mail address. Your password is a series of numbers/letters that have been generated by our database, unless you have already updated it. You can use your e-mail address and the Forgot Password link to get the information you need to log in.  Once logged in, we encourage you to change your password to something you’ll remember.  Go to My Profile, click on Update My Information, and change your password. While you’re there, you can supply us with other interesting information about yourself so that we can better target information to you.

Q2: Am I a member?

A2: You probably are. NICSA memberships are mostly* corporate, meaning that if your firm is a member, then you are a member. To see if your firm is a member, you can check the member list on the NICSA home page.

Q3: I created an account for myself and my company is a member, but I am still being charged the non-member fee when I try to register for a meeting/webinar.

A3: Our database does not always automatically recognize you when you create your own account, if you did not link yourself to your company properly. (It’s not you, it’s a quirk of the database.) If you experience this problem please call Bethany Alvare at (508) 683-1611 or e-mail  She can then check you off as a member in our database with the click of a button.

Q4: How do I link my account to my company so that I can be recognized as a member and avoid problem number 3?

A4: To circumvent this quirk in the database, you should find/choose your company’s name before you enter your own name.  Start by typing in your company’s name, and press Search.  Click on the correct company name from the drop down menu, and you’ll be linked to your company.  If your company name is listed in the drop down menu, but the accurate address of your office is not, choose your company anyway. You can later change your address and contact information on your individual profile. Make sure to use your company email address. The database will kick you out if you use a personal address. (That one’s on purpose, not a quirk.)

Q5: How do I register multiple people for an event?

A5: To register multiple attendees for an event, click on Multi-registration and then Register Additional Attendees.  Search for the individual and when found, click Add Attendee.

Q6: I just registered for the webinar, but I have not received the log-in instructions.

A6: Log-in instructions are sent out multiple times before each webinar, not directly after you register.  It may take a couple of days but you will receive the log-in instructions from

Q7: I still have not received log-in instructions for the webinar.

A7: NICSA e-mails may be going directly to your spam folder.  Make sure to add to your e-mail contacts so that you are sure to receive our e-mails.

Q8: I missed the beginning of the webinar and the first secret CPE code, can you provide?

A8: Sorry, we are not able to provide secret CPE codes after they have appeared.  This fall we intend to replace our current webinar registration system with a more convenient, automated system that will send webinar log in instructions and track CPE.  That should take care of FAQs 6, 7, and 8!

* NICSA offers associate memberships to individuals under certain circumstances, along with multiple options for companies based in North America and abroad.  Check the website for complete details on all of our membership options.  Not a member yet?  Call us!  We’d be happy to help you select the membership option that’s right for your company.

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