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Investment managers start a conversation with Gen Y

June 30, 2011
Join us for the
NICSA Midwest Luncheon Workshop with Keynote Address by D. Bruce Johnston
Thursday, June 14th from 10 am – 2 pm in Chicago
Buckingham Athletic Club, 440 South La Salle Street
Register here.

Investment managers are learning that they need new strategies for marketing to the hyper-connected Gen Y. Old approaches –which rely on developing trust and loyalty through broadcasts of consistent messages — don’t work with this newest generation of investors. Mobile technology and social media make Gen Ys feel part of an interactive community in other aspects of their lives — and they’re looking for the same level of connection in their financial relationships.

Financial firms around the world are looking for the keys to starting a dialog with these engagement-oriented clients. A recent report titled “Rethinking Distribution” by Caceis Investor Services and PwC warns European asset managers that they must “face attrition or increase interaction.” (Read the full report here.)

We’ll be talking more about selling to Gen Y and other emerging challenges in the fund industry at NICSA’s Midwest Luncheon Workshop on July 14, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Buckingham Athletic Club in Chicago. D. Bruce Johnston, President and CEO of DBJ Associates, will kick off the conversation with an interactive session on Marketing Investment Solutions to Gen Y: It’s All About Community.

Then talk with your peers about:

  • Service provider oversight
  • Managing, motivating and retaining talent
  • Regulatory updates
  • Transfer agent operations

over lunch at discussion groups moderated by representatives from American Century Investments (Kansas City), Calamos (Chicago), Envision Financial Systems (Denver), Heartland Advisors (Milwaukee) and Invesco AIM (Houston).

For complete information and to register, click here.

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