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Are you an iPad user? Help NICSA plan by responding to our poll

June 1, 2011

OK, I’ll admit it — I’m an iPad junkie. It arrived only last week, but I already can’t live without it. It has transformed travel — no more hauling around a heavy laptop or resigning myself to a 2-inch screen and typing with my thumbs. iPad iconAnd I’m already feeling healthier. I can get up from my desk more often and still get work done. (The lack of boot-up time makes even short breaks productive.) And the touch screen and the amazing user interface mean less risk of carpal tunnel syndrome from mouse clicks.

Now I understand why tablets are appearing at NICSA meetings in ever-increasing numbers. I’d estimate that at every event we hold these days, at least 10% of the attendees have a tablet and are using it during the meeting — and that figure is often a lot higher. The numbers are growing dramatically even though many firms remain cautious about tablets, generally for security reasons.

We’re considering designing more of our programming around tablet computers, but, before we do, we’d like to confirm our anecdotal observations with some hard data. You can help us by responding to this poll:

Want to learn more about how other financial services firms are using tablets? Register for our webinar on Wednesday, June 8, sponsored by BoardVantage. Speakers from BNY Mellon Asset Servicing, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., BoardVantage and TandemSeven will talk about the tablet paradigm, important considerations in moving toward tablets at the enterprise level, and macro level application development and support tradeoffs. They’ll share real-life case studies.

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NICSA Webinar | The Impact of Tablets in Financial Services
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