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Adventures in plumbing

April 29, 2011

When we think about planning for business continuity, we tend to think first about natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes — but the problems that cause an office to close are equally likely to be man-made. For example, one major mutual fund company had to relocate its call center at a moment’s notice after it flooded because an automatic toilet kept flushing. . . and flushing. . . and flushing.

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Join us for a NICSA webinar on May 11th to hear from your peers in the fund industry about best practices in planning for business continuity — then how to handle a crisis should disaster strike. This session will be moderated by Erika Ivanyi of the Capital Group Companies and will include panelists Michael Haikola (MFS Investment Management), Peggy S. Lynnes (Capital Group Companies) and Andy Waples (Eaton Vance Management). They will share their own firms’ experiences in recovering from business interruptions.

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